The new features include brain mapping, sleep journaling, and sleep readiness scores and measurements.

Summary: Somnee has revamped its app for the smart sleep headband, adding features like brain mapping, sleep journaling, sleep readiness scores, and personalized neurostimulation to enhance sleep quality. Led by new CEO Tim Rosa, the update aims to align the user experience with modern consumer needs. The app now allows users to track sleep patterns, understand the impact of daily behaviors on sleep, and adjust sleep hygiene routines. These enhancements, designed by neuroscientists, provide a comprehensive view of sleep data to help users achieve optimal, restorative sleep.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Somnee’s revamped app includes features like brain mapping, sleep journaling, and personalized neurostimulation to provide a comprehensive view of sleep quality and patterns.
  • The new app features aim to help users better understand how daily behaviors impact their sleep, allowing them to adjust their sleep hygiene routines for more restorative sleep.
  • Under the direction of new CEO Tim Rosa, Somnee’s app overhaul aligns with the company’s evolution and modern consumer needs, leveraging neuroscientific insights for improved sleep solutions.

Somnee, the company behind the smart sleep headband that utilizes non-invasive, closed-loop neurostimulation for better quality sleep, revamped its app to include features that provide a new dimension of sleep data to wearable users. 

Enhancements include new onboarding, brain mapping, a sleep journal, sleep readiness scores and measurements, and sleep hygiene tools. Designed by Somnee’s neuroscientists, these features are designed to empower users to better understand and improve their sleep quality, according to a release from the company.

App Overhaul and Leadership

The Somnee smart sleep headband maps unique brainwave patterns using lab-grade EEG+ sensors, then personalizes a 15-minute neurostimulation session to nudge the brain into its natural, ideal sleep state. 

Somnee’s mobile app overhaul is an early, key initiative led by newly appointed CEO and consumer electronics veteran Tim Rosa to better align the user experience with the evolution of the company and today’s consumer.

“Sleep deprivation—which trickles into every aspect of our physiology and underpins all chronic disease—is the new smoking,” says Rosa, a former Fitbit chief marketing officer. “To get regular sleep that’s restful and restorative, you need to understand how your daily behaviors impact your sleep quality, which requires quantitative and qualitative data. With insight into wearable metrics and how you feel at that time, you’ll have greater success adjusting your sleep hygiene routine. With Somnee’s enhanced offerings, we’re helping people achieve their optimal night’s sleep and understand the factors that support it.”

New Features for Better Sleep Tracking

The new sleep journal allows users to better monitor sleep patterns and habits over time by answering daily questions about sleep outcomes and pre-sleep habits. For example, did they wake up feeling refreshed, experience anxiety, or endure sleep interruptions throughout the night. 

By layering the sleep journal with high fidelity, upstream EEG+ readouts, Somnee can map users’ headband sessions and daily activities to sleep readiness and outcomes.

“Sleep is incredibly nuanced and personal. While sleep trackers do a good job of accurately determining how much time you are awake and asleep, the results do not always match what we ourselves feel in terms of being refreshed and restored the next day,”  says Matt Walker, PhD, Somnee co-founder and chief sleep advisor and sleep researcher,” in a release. 

Walker adds in a release, “A nice complement to sleep trackers is adding a simple personalized question, which is the following: on a three-point scale, how restored do I feel when I wake up each morning: 1) very restored, 2) somewhat restored, and 3) not at all restored. All of which is to say, good sleep is about the combination of objective sleep measures combined with your own subjective sense of how refreshed and restored you feel. Both are important and are needed for you to answer: ‘Am I getting good sleep?'”

App Enhancements

Full enhancements to the Somnee app and UX include:

  • Brain mapping – use advanced EEG+ sensors to map your unique brain rhythms
  • Personalized neurostimulation – deliver stimulation treatments based on your brain state
  • Sleep readiness scores – evaluate how well brain is primed for deep, restorative sleep
  • Session reports – showcases improvements for sleep onset, maintenance, and depth
  • Sleep journaling – track goals tied to anxiety, health, athletic performance, and sleep
  • Progress tracking – see visual progress of Somnee’s brain mapping and personalization