Bluwinx, a blue light lens protection company, has launched line of ophthalmic quality prescription, nonprescription readers, and plano glasses with blue light protection for children, teens, and adults. Bluwinx glasses are engineered to filter the blue light emitted from cell phones, tablets, computers, and televisions. Bluwinx partners directly with manufacturers and offers its glasses directly to consumers for cost savings versus retail pricing.

Bluwinx was founded by a group of entrepreneurial parents with the common goal of offering families the best quality protection against harsh blue light. “You wouldn’t spend hours at the beach without sunscreen, why would you spend hours staring at your electronic devices without eye protection?” says co-founder Joe Petrolla in a release. “Bluwinx is for your eyes as sunscreen is for your skin.”

Bluwinx offers over 1,300 styles in designer brands such as StyleWise, BCBG, and Steve Madden.