There are a lot of reasons for non-adherence to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, some of which aren’t even well-understood. But if having a barely intelligible voice reminiscent of Donald Duck while hooked up to the machine is one deterrent for your patients, then you may want to fund a project on Indiegogo (and to pass the link on to said patients) that promises a solution.

The SpeakEasy device fits the hose of all CPAP machines on the market today and allows a user to simply press two silicone rubber buttons simultaneously to temporarily stop airflow when they want to chat. That means your patient can say goodnight to his spouse or answer the phone without having to turn off or rest the machine.

The inventor Hal Rucker lives with sleep apnea himself, having been diagnosed about eight years ago. His company, dubbed Lucky Knives, is trying to raise $135,000 via an Indiegogo campaign so it can pay for tooling, the first 5,000 units, and the cost of the FDA regulatory approval process. Contributors who donate $45 lay claim to their own SpeakEasy once the device is manufactured.

Learn more, donate, and watch a video of how the SpeakEasy works on the Indiegogo page.