Caputron Medical releases a “mindGear” headset with FDA clearances for the treatment of depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Jennifer Higgins, vice president for US Sales says in a release: “MindGear represents a major advance in the wearable tech and digital health space. Portable, personal, and customizable, mindGear is both a consumer and medical neuromodulation device.”

MindGear is a small battery-powered device that connects to the head via hydroPod electrodes. MindGear is FDA cleared for indications spanning depression, insomnia, and anxiety with further clinical trials for new indications ongoing. Users dial in a customized therapy and relax through a painless session lasting about half an hour.

Robin Azzam adds: “Neuromodulation, also called electroceuticals, is the fastest growing area in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.”