Home respiratory diagnostic provider VirtuOx has launched VirtuCLEAN, a CPAP accessory that eases the cleaning process.

To use, sleep apnea patients plug their PAP [positive airway pressure] device into VirtuCLEAN, which then automatically cleans the device and shuts off 30 minutes later. According to VirtuOx, in this half-hour time span, VirtuCLEAN kills 99.99% of disease causing pathogens that otherwise reside and grow in the PAP mask, tube, and humidifier chamber.

Kyle Miko, RT, VirtuOx founder and COO, says in a release, “Proper cleaning of PAP equipment requires daily cleaning of mask and changing humidifier water. It also requires weekly soaking of PAP mask, tube, and humidifier chamber with soap and water. Studies show patients rarely adhere to this vigorous schedule, which can lead to bacteria and mold to accumulate in their PAP system. Bacteria and mold in a person’s PAP system can cause some serious health complications. Now with VirtuOx’s VirtuCLEAN, patients will have no excuse on properly disinfecting their PAP device.”

VirtuCLEAN is portable, so patients can take it when traveling. It does not require maintenance like other devices, which VirtuOx states makes it a fit not only for homecare, but also for hospitals, emergency rooms, and ambulatory care centers.