ResMed today introduced AirFit F30i, its first tube-up full face CPAP mask. ResMed now offers full face CPAP users the option of tube-up or tube-down connections, compact under-the-nose or traditional over-the-nose cushion styles, and memory foam versus silicone cushions.
The cushion ofAirFit F30i rests under the nose to help prevent next-day red marks, soreness, and irritation on the nasal bridge. A quick-release elbow allows users to quickly disconnect and reattach the mask from its tubing at night without taking the mask off, according to ResMed.


In a direct comparison study coordinated by ResMed, three out of four CPAP users prefer AirFit F30i to its competitor’s tube-up full face mask for overall performance;  those same users preferred AirFit F30i’s seal nearly 2 to 1 and comfort nearly 3 to 1.

“ResMed has the right mask for every CPAP user,” says Jim Hollingshead, president of ResMed’s Sleep business, in a release. “AirFit F30i provides a reliable seal and a comfortable under-the-nose fit for active sleepers who need a full face mask but want the flexibility of a tube-up design. AirFit F30i rounds out our world-leading portfolio of full face masks designed to meet patients’ and HME providers’ every need.”

AirFit F30i also completes ResMed’s “Freedom” category of tube-up masks, which also includes the nasal tube-up AirFit N30i (released in January 2019) and the nasal pillows tube-up AirFit P30i (arrived in April 2019).

AirFit F30i is now available in the United States, Canada, and most of Europe, with other countries to follow.