React Health has launched a travel CPAP: The Luna TravelPAP is a small, lightweight positive airway pressure device with CPAP and AutoCPAP modes. It weighs less than a pound (14.1 oz) and measures 6.2”L x2.6 W x 2.8”H.   

Other travel-friendly features include:

  • Light ring indicator gives peace of mind
  • Supply reminders
  • LightTrip (US) smartphone app
  • Optional 12V DC Adapter for car, camper, truck, or RV
  • Optional carrying case with multiple internal compartments as well as an internal/external zippered pocket

The pressure range of the Luna TravelPAP is 4-20 hPA; its ramp is 0-60 minutes. Its sound level is less than 30 dBA.

 “Using the device while traveling is very convenient,” says Joseph Cipollone, React Health, VP of manufacturing and engineering. “I travel to different locations each week and bringing the Luna TravelPAP is an easy solution to ensure I receive high-quality therapy while on the road.”