FRESCA Medical, which makes a low-flow positive airway pressure system for obstructive sleep apnea that expects to launch in the United States in 2020, and Galen Data have partnered to provide cloud connectivity and development of FRESCA’s patient mobile app.

The partnership will leverage the Galen Data cloud platform solution with FRESCA Medical’s PAP system, which has patented SmartValve technology that enables the system to treat sleep apnea with less airflow than conventional CPAP systems. Working together, Galen and FRESCA will launch a cloud-connected sleep platform with features for patients and providers.

“FRESCA Medical is committed to developing effective for sleep apnea sufferers who do not want or cannot tolerate the currently available therapies,” says John Cox, president and CEO of FRESCA Medical, in a release. “CPAP is effective, but is plagued by patient dissatisfaction and treatment abandonment. Quality sleep is fundamental to good health, and new treatment options are urgently needed in our healthcare armamentarium. The medical device market is already one of the largest applications for cloud-based patient monitoring and engagement. The goal of this partnership is to leverage the latest connected health technology with a patient and provider-friendly solution, to improve care, increase treatment utilization, and lower healthcare costs.”

Building custom medical device connectivity infrastructure that meets FDA regulations can potentially increase costs and add unnecessary risks for companies that lack the required knowledge, technical expertise, and internal resources. Galen Data’s configurable connectivity platform and managed solution handles all operational aspects required for medical device commercial success including visualization of data, security, privacy, monitoring, and backups.

“The Galen Data partnership allows us to utilize their existing cloud platform and expertise in cybersecurity and medical device software so we can focus on the design, manufacture, and marketing of our breakthrough alternative to CPAP therapy,” says Ed McCarthy, director of business development for FRESCA Medical. “This relationship allows us to save considerable time and money bringing our next generation OSA treatment and connected solution to this underserved patient population.”

Galen Data CEO Chris DuPont, says, “Galen is excited to make a technological contribution to the treatment of OSA and we know FRESCA Medical has the potential to help millions of patients. Our partnership strengthens Galen Data’s position in the connected medical device market and demonstrates our commitment to the medical device industry.”