AirAvant Medical’s flagship product Bongo Rx is now available for patients requiring treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Bongo Rx is an FDA 510(k) cleared prescription only device that seals in the user’s nose and works by creating back pressure during exhalation. It doesn’t require CPAP hoses or headgear or electricity.

Prescriptions for Bongo Rx may be sent to any provider who can receive and fill a prescription for durable medical equipment (DME) supplies. This includes sleep centers that stock the device as a retail product. It not currently covered under reimbursement, though patients can get reimbursed through health savings accounts and flexible savings accounts with a copy of the receipt and prescription, according to AirAvant.

Sample prescription forms are available online in the patient and provider forms section of AirAvant’s website or the referring physician can write an Rx on their own forms and send it with the patient to access from internet providers or send it to a local DME provider.

“We recognize that people need to have the ability to treat their sleep apnea comfortably and conveniently, no matter where they are—in a bed, on a train, on a plane, or even catching a quick nap in a chair or on the couch,” says Javier Collazo, vice president of AirAvant, which is a newly formed company created from the former partners of InnoMed Technologies Inc, as well as Ron F. Richard (formerly of ResMed and SeQual Technologies). “For compliant CPAP patients, the Bongo Rx may provide a supplemental treatment option to complement their lifestyle. For non-compliant CPAP patients, the Bongo Rx may provide a patient-friendly, non-cumbersome treatment option to get them refocused and reengaged on treating their obstructive sleep apnea.”