Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has made its F&P SleepStyle CPAP available to the United States market. The positive airway pressure device initially launched in New Zealand and Australia in 2017.

F&P SleepStyle strives to strike a balance between comfort and effective treatment by including an auto algorithm with central apnea detection and a range of comfort options. Features include an easy-access chamber, user-friendly menu, large and responsive menu buttons, built-in connectivity options and a quiet, integrated design. Expiratory relief of CPAP pressure during exhalation is also provided.

The device includes ThermoSmart humidification featuring a heated breathing tube with AirSpiral technology to minimise condensation, and SensAwake, which detects wakefulness and automatically reduces treatment pressure to a comfortable level.

Built-in cellular and Bluetooth connectivity options ensure both patients and clinicians can receive information . Patients are able to track their own progress and receive troubleshooting tips using a mobile app of the same name (“F&P SleepStyle”). The F&P InfoSmart patient management system automatically highlights patients who need their clinician’s attention.