DeVilbiss Healthcare was recently awarded a patent for its innovative SmartCode Remote Therapy Monitoring system. SmartCode allows patients to remotely report CPAP therapy usage and efficacy data to the health provider.

“We are pleased to have been awarded a US patent, which recognizes the novelty and usefulness of our SmartCode technology,” says Allan Jones, director of research and development at DeVilbiss, in a release. “The SmartCode feature is a simple, accurate, and reliable way to communicate usage and therapy data. We are delighted to be able to exclusively offer this feature to our customers and users with every IntelliPAP device.”

SmartCode technology is an effective solution for data reporting that involves no modems, no wireless coverage gaps, and no extra costs. It’s included as a standard feature with each of DeVilbiss Healthcare’s IntelliPAP CPAP devices.

The SmartCode monitoring system allows summary therapy and device usage data to be compressed into onboard, encrypted codes that are displayed on the IntelliPAP display panel. Each character generated in the SmartCode information represents a data set. To decipher the SmartCode information, the clinician or provider calls the patient to acquire specific codes from the IntelliPAP system.