Battery Power Solutions recently released its second generation CPAP Battery, the Freedom, which offers all of the features of its now discontinued C-100 model, as well as several upgrades.

“With the Freedom we wanted to maintain the core features that made our C-100 model so widely popular but make it even more consumer-friendly,” says Pamela Bowman, Battery Power Solutions’ marketing director, in a release. “We added an easy-to-read digital display screen which shows the charge level of the battery and a USB port so users can easily charge portable electronics such as cell phones and tablets. The Freedom also offers true battery backup functionality during power outages without causing unnecessary degradation of the battery cells.”

The Freedom meets FAA requirements for lithium-ion batteries taken in carry-on baggage, so it’s ideal for long international flights, according to the company. Beyond use during travel, the battery backup functionality brings peace of mind to those worried about sleeping without their PAP therapy during power outages.

“The Freedom CPAP Battery truly is a great cash sale item that helps improve PAP therapy compliance by giving your patients the freedom to power their PAP device when and where they need it,” Bowman says. “The attractive retail packaging, white and silver casing, and digital display screen give the Freedom a sleek and modern design that looks great on display in any clinic or retail location.”