Sports nutrition company Momentous announced the release of a new supplement that helps people fall and stay asleep more easily, reduce waking frequency and duration, and improve sleep quality.

The new product, Momentous Sleep, is made with the ingredient Magtein, a form of magnesium that crosses the blood-brain barrier to promote cognitive function. The formula also contains melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland that is proven to help overcome schedule-related sleep disruption. The third main ingredient is wild jujube seed extract, which studies show prompt the release of the rest-inducing neurochemicals GABA and serotonin, and help quiet the hippocampus and other brain regions. The company developed this formula specifically for athletes and coaches who are focusing on their recovery goals, while also combatting sleep challenges like nighttime games, late workouts, travel, and anxiety, which can disrupt circadian rhythms.

“The goal of our products is to help athletes perform their best and recover fully,” Momentous CEO Matt Wan says in a statement. “To do so, we continually seek the input of our ambassadors and the most common way for them to recover faster is by focusing on sleep. So we identified research-backed ingredients proven to promote restful sleep, developed a formula, and then rigorously tested this new product. The end result is a supplement that allows athletes to consistently get the best possible sleep they need to perform.”