Parade talks to hard-driving Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington about why she believes sleep is the secret to her success. “When I get enough sleep, I’m better at everything,” she says. “I’m better at running the Huffington Post, I’m more creative, I’m less reactive, I’m better with my children.” She outlines her sleep secrets in this week’s Parade, which also reveals the results of the magazine’s Sleep Survey.

Almost every night, Huffington, author of 14 books, TV personality, TED talker, political activist and mother of two, clocks a good eight hours of ZZZs (and no, she doesn’t take any sleep meds, unlike 60% of the respondents in the Parade poll). Here’s how she does it:

  1. She knows her sleep IQ —Through trial and error, she learned that she needs a solid 8 hours of sleep.
  2. She has a routine—It’s important to have wind-down time—a hot bath, reading a book, meditating—”something to say we are now turning off.”
  3. She has a no-device rule—”I like to say, gently escort all your devices into another room.”
  4. She makes tradeoffs—Getting more sleep may mean not watching your favorite show or getting through your latest batch of emails. “It’s within our control,” she says.
  5. She keeps it cool—Studies show that a slight drop in room temperature helps us go to sleep and sleep well.
  6. She is a fan of napping—Experts say even a short nap can go a long way in recharging the body. Huffington provides sleep pods and nap rooms for her staff, and takes occasional naps on her office couch.

Parade also conducted a sleep survey, to find out what 15,000 poll respondents say they would want more of. The results?

SLEEP (30%) beat SEX (26%), but even more (34%) chose LOSE 15 POUNDS. (Not getting enough sleep can actually cause weight gain.) Only 9% of respondents chose GET A RAISE as their first choice.