Digital cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is typically delivered via smartphone app or internet browser. Since it increases access, digital CBT-I may be particularly valuable in regions where an in-person practitioner is unavailable.

Compare distribution platforms, target audience, data transmittal, available physician reports, launch year, payment options, US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) status, internet requirements, available languages, and supporting studies for digital CBT-I in this comparison guide.

CompanyBetterNightBig HealthDrLullaby LLCMindware Consulting IncPear Therapeutics
Program: BetterNight InsomniaSleepioDrLullabyNight Owl – Sleep CoachSOMRYST
Description:BetterNight Insomnia is a personalized program that is led by Derek Loewy, PhD, co-founder of the Stanford University Insomnia Program. Experience the benefits of an evidence-based program with detailed feedback to improve your sleep and unlock better health, happiness, and energy.Sleepio is a stigma-free, engaging, and instantly accessible sleep solution featuring proven cognitive and behavioral techniques. Sleepio is clinically proven with over 40 peer-reviewed papers, including 12 randomized control trials, that demonstrate its efficacy.DrLullaby provides custom plans alongside video coaching with doctoral experts. We focus on plans for families, helping children and parents get the sleep they need. The iOS application includes research-backed lessons on behavioral strategies alongside sleep logging to monitor progress. This platform serves as an excellent companion tool alongside doctors’ visits.Night Owl – Sleep Coach provides a treatment program for those experiencing difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep. It includes handouts and video presentations created by a psychologist and expert in behavioral sleep medicine. Videos, reading material, and daily tasks guide users through the program and provide a rationale for each step. The program takes 56 days to complete but often improvement will be experienced earlier.Somryst is the first and only prescription digital therapeutic for chronic insomnia in patients 22 years of age and older that’s delivered on your mobile device. Somryst delivers cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia over 9 weeks. Somryst was named the 2020 Best Digital Health Product Galien Prix by the Galien Foundation.
Distribution Platforms:iPhone App, Google Play AppInternet Browser, Tablet, iPhone App, Google Play AppiPhone App (Google Play coming soon)iPhone App, Google Play AppiPhone App, Google Play App
Sold to: Physicians?YesNoNot directly; physicians refer patientsYesYes
Sold to: Patients?YesNoYesYesYes
Sold to: Health Systems?YesYesNot yet; hope to soonYesYes
Sold to: Corporations?YesYesNot yet; hope to soonYesYes
Data Transmittal:Patient progress analyzed by a sleep navigator and reported to referring physicians (if applicable), typically via recurring reports.Must be manually sent by user to physician.Does not transfer data. Physicians view the dashboard data from the family’s phone during visits.Does not transfer data.Data entered by patient is shared with the HCP via an HCP dashboard called Pear.Md.
Available Reports for Physician:Patients reassessed at mid- and end-points by a screener that is validated by physicians and measures the risk of insomnia, circadian sleep disorders, depression and anxiety, sleep apnea, sleepiness, and sleep deprivation, and this data is compared to baseline. Reporting can be provided at patient and population levels.Sleep diary info; sleep quality score and data such as time in bed; time asleep; changes over time; sleep efficiency.Sleep efficiency, sleep distress scale, total sleep time, sleep onset latency, wake after sleep onset (averages and nightly data); graphed progress.N/APatient’s progress in the program; sleep window (assigned bedtime to arising time); sleep efficiency; Insomnia Severity Index; Patient Health Questionnaire-8; sleep onset latency; Wake after sleep onset.
Launch Year:20182012202020152020
Payment Options: Cash Pay?YesN/A (available through employers)Yes. Special launch pricing: App access: $39 (typically $49); video coaching with doctoral expert: $59 for 30-min (typically $99)Yes. $9.99Yes. $900
Payment Options: FSA/HSA Eligible?YesN/A (available through employers)No (in progress)NoYes
Payment Options: Insurance Coverage?NoneAccessible through employers that offer Sleepio to their employees; free to certain groups such as election poll workers, first responders, under certain circumstances, etcNoneNoneNone (in progress)
FDA Status:Not approvedNot approvedNot approvedNot approvedFDA-authorized medical device
Internet Requirement for Patients:Internet connection required.To access the full range of features: broadband internet connection (desktop computer) or 3G and above (mobile).Internet connection required (no specific bandwidth).Internet not required for use (required for initial download and account creation).Internet connection required (no specific bandwidth).
Supporting Study:Munafo D et al. Sleep deprivation and the workplace: Prevalence, impact, and solutions. Am J Health Promotion. 2018;32(7):1644-6.Visit for peer-reviewed research.Pilot manuscript pending.Harbison BR, et al. Evaluation of a CBT-I self-help program administered by a mobile app. Sleep. April 2018;41(suppl_1):A155.Ritterband LM, et al. Effect of a web-based cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia intervention with 1-year follow-up: a randomized clinical trial. JAMA Psychiatry. 2017;74(1):68-75.
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