ResMed Corp released the Quattro FX, a new full face CPAP mask that offers a clear field of vision with no need for forehead support. With an open view and lightweight frame, the Quattro FX provides all the advantages of a conventional full face mask in an unobtrusive design.

“A significant component to achieving patient compliance is overcoming the myriad of challenges patients face in adjusting to life with their therapy equipment. Patients who need the coverage of a full face mask may still struggle with discomfort, claustrophobia, or anxiety associated with wearing a mask,” said Bernadette McBrearty, senior product director, ResMed Corp. “With the Quattro FX, we wanted to provide an alternative full face option to make therapy a positive experience for those patients, and ultimately help drive better long-term compliance.”

The Quattro FX brings together new frame and cushion technologies to create an alternative support system to the traditional forehead support typically found in full face masks. The new contoured headgear design and flexible new spring frame combine to create a suspension-like effect that maintains a strong seal while the wearer moves during sleep. A dual-wall Spring Air cushion with a contoured cushion membrane cradles the face and rests gently against the nose for a secure, comfortable fit with minimal facial contact.

In addition to its distinctive frame design, the Quattro FX introduces a new, simplified fitting technique that ResMed believes will help save time for both home medical equipment companies and sleep labs. The mask comes packaged with an easy-to-use sizing tool and a three-step fitting process, which may reduce the time a dealer or clinician must spend fitting, troubleshooting, and adjusting the mask by making it easier to achieve a first-time fit.