PulseOximetersDIRECT.com, an online retailer of portable pulse oximeter products, introduces the new Landon Medical PC-60C2 Finger Pulse Oximeter for home use.

"A pulse oximeter has been an essential medical tool in hospital and health-care settings since the 1940s to measure SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and pulse rate," said Robert Darwin, vice president of sales and marketing for PulseOximetersDIRECT.com. "However, that bulky, antedated pulse oximeter technology of the past has been surpassed by cutting-edge technology from Landon Medical that transforms the typical large oximeter machine into a small, portable device smaller than the size of a pager that can be used in the home."

The Landon Medical PC-60C2 Pulse Oximeter provides digital on the spot readings of SpO2 and pulse rate with accuracy and ease. The device combines light weight and portability with multiple features including the latest OLED color display, perfusion index, plethysmograph, and multiview screen capability.