DeVilbiss Healthcare introduced the latest addition to its interface line—the Aloha Nasal Pillow System. The Aloha features exclusive Arced-Track Technology allowing the angle of the pillow reservoir to be adjusted for a more customized, natural fit.

“Not only is the Aloha extremely lightweight and quiet, but it offers an incredibly stable and comfortable seal,” said Sarah Keener, product director of interfaces for DeVilbiss Healthcare. “The nasal inserts are soft and stable, and the one-piece reservoir design is simple to assemble.” The ball-and-swivel joint at the hose minimizes pull and accommodates various sleeping positions. In addition, the angled exhalation ports minimize potential disruption or discomfort for the patient and sleeping partner.

The four-point adjustable headgear is wide-set to limit the points of contact on the face and helps to maintain an open line of sight. The tubing ring secures the hose when routed over the head, and the removable micro-fleece headgear wraps provide maximum comfort.

“It is important for patients to have options when considering the best interface for their needs,” said Craig Haba, vice president of marketing. “The addition of the Aloha Nasal Pillow System enhances our product offering and gives providers those options for their patients.”

The Aloha Nasal Pillow System is latex free and is available in small, medium, and large as well as an all sizes kit.