The news website The Know reviews the best sheet sets for keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

The National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit specializing in sleep research and education, reports the “feel and performance” of sheets can have a “huge impact on your comfort and quality of sleep.” And a national poll by the foundation suggests quality of sleep, not necessarily how much sleep you get, is key in mitigating any feelings of sleepiness throughout your day.

“We’ve highlighted the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set a few times before on In The Know, and they really do live up to the hype. When I first came across these sheets about two years ago, I was skeptical of their affordable price and wildly positive reviews (they have over 125,000 ratings on Amazon). But after spending one night in them, I was hooked. These sheets are so soft and smooth that they make you feel like you’re staying in a luxurious hotel. Plus, there are over 40 different shades to pick from, meaning they match any decor.” — Julia Webb, Commerce Editor

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