Sleepnet Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of masks for the noninvasive ventilation (NIV) and sleep-disordered breathing markets, introduced Veraseal, a light full-face, disposable gel mask featuring an ergonomically designed AIRºgel cushion. Sleepnet’s newest mask offers hospitals an easy-to-use, comfortable, and secure sealing solution for patients requiring noninvasive ventilation.

“At Sleepnet, we believe every patient deserves to be comfortable, and we understand that maintaining the health of patients’ skin is key to comfort and the success of their treatment,” said Tom Moulton, CEO of Sleepnet Corporation. “Unlike other masks with less forgiving gels, Veraseal’s one-of-a-kind AIRºgel combines a reliable seal with unsurpassed facial comfort and skin protection to create the most gentle-fitting mask on the NIV market.”

In addition to the ergonomically designed patented AIRºgel cushion, it also has a “Touchless” Spacebar, which provides skin protection and comfort for patients by eliminating irritating pressure points on the forehead.