Tony Ramos (left) and Curtis Pickelle.

It seems like only yesterday that we plotted the outline of what would become CurAnt Communications (Curtis and Anthony) on the back of a napkin. Literally. Yet, in this blink-of-an-eye, a full 15 years have passed. Risk has turned to reward, children have grown, markets have matured, competitive battles have been fought, professions defined, many friends have been made, many employees’ careers nurtured. Such is the manna of entrepreneurship.

Building a company from scratch is perhaps one of the most rewarding things that a businessperson can do in his or her career. Certainly, it requires a great deal of risk and perseverance, but the resulting entity is so much more worth the toil, especially so when it is clear that the enterprise has achieved a place in a community that seems to have been reserved for its arrival.

Such is the case with CurAnt. The medical and allied health markets that we have participated in these past 15 years have been incredibly challenging, demanding, creative, dynamic, and in need of authoritative information with which to sustain themselves. Each has had a well-defined role and position for our publications to operate within. Each has been interesting to observe and comment upon from our perch as industry journalists. Each has been our community.

Since we continue to come to work each day with an eye toward continuing the growth and success that has been the hallmark of our company, little time is left for reflection. We all too rarely take the time to celebrate the victories or savor the rewards that accompany a run such as this. Frankly, we are still too busy looking over our shoulder at the latest competitive threat or forward toward the newest opportunity. Yet, this milestone is somehow different. It requires a bit more notice, a streamer or two, perhaps even the luxury of a lunch out. Indeed, it calls for us to thank all of you in this industry that have provided us with the opportunity of a lifetime. To those we have met at what seems an endless string of conferences and trade shows, those that have allowed us into their offices to opine on the state of the industry, those colleagues that have supported and encouraged us, guided us or chided us, we say, thank you from the bottom of our heart, which is not two, but one.

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Tony Ramos
President, Allied Healthcare Group
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Curtis Pickelle
President, MWC