Relax Melodies” was featured on NewsWatch as part of its monthly AppWatch, which features the latest and coolest mobile applications on the iOS, Android, and Windows markets. Andrew Tropeano, a mobile technology expert and host of NewsWatch, conducted the app review and shared with viewers how this application soothes users so they can fall asleep.

Twenty million people have downloaded the Relax Melodies application to help them fall asleep, according to the company. There are over 50 sounds with the free version of the app and 108 with the premium version to help people mix and listen to sounds like music, animals, nature, people, white noise, and abstract sounds.

Relax Melodies users can adjust the volume of their selected sound and favorite it for later. They can also use brainwave frequencies to concentrate better and meditate, and to help fall asleep faster, the company says. And if they want to learn tips on how to fall asleep, there’s a blog in the app with tips on how to relax with weekly updated articles.

The Relax Melodies app is currently available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices as well as Mac computers. The premium app is $2 and the laptop version is $4.99.