Fisher Wallace Laboratories Stimulator, a neurostimulation device cleared by the FDA for the treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, has been approved by New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation is comprised of 11 New York City hospitals, including Bellevue Hospital, Woodhull Hospital, and Metropolitan Hospital. Woodhull Hospital is already using the device with patients.

The noninvasive device delivers a gentle electrical current at patented frequencies to stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and other neurochemicals required for healthy mood and sleep. “The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is already prescribed by thousands of doctors in private practice for patients to treat depression, anxiety, and insomnia at home, but this is the first hospital network to approve it,” says Charles Fisher, founder and president of Fisher Wallace Laboratories, in a release. “This approval makes our technology accessible to a vast patient population in need of effective alternatives to drug therapy.”

Designed to be easily used by patients at home, the Fisher Wallace Stimulator may be purchased through the Fisher Wallace website for $699. A $100 discount is provided to patients with Medicare or Medicaid. A prescription is required in the United States. The device is available for purchase over-the-counter in Canada and Europe.

“I have been using the Fisher Wallace device with select patients for about a year,” says psychiatrist Karen Hopenwasser, MD. “Almost everyone has reported some improvement in sleep and mood. Most remarkable are the patients I have treated for more than a decade who are now experiencing greater relief than ever before.”