Engadget: Google Assistant devices like the Nest Hub can play a white noise ambient sound to help you get to sleep.

However, multiple users have noticed that Google recently changed that to something that loops more frequently and has a muffled sound, according to 9to5Google. As a result, they and their infants and toddlers are apparently losing sleep over it.

“White noise” is among the 14 ambient noises available from Google Assistant, along with “babbling brook,” “fireplace,” “ocean” and others. You can play them for up to 12 hours if not disabled by a sleep timer, and the 2nd-gen Nest Hub has an “auto-off” feature that turns off the sound once you fall asleep.

Previously, it looped the White Noise sound every hour, but now the sound is repeated every 10 minutes, something users find annoying and repetitive. On top of that, the previously crisp sound file is now apparently “muffled” and quieter than before. “It’s a different pitch, almost muffled,” said one user. “Very annoying you have to set the volume to 70 percent,” another noted

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