Fast Company: From CBD to weighted blankets to noise machines, these are some of the latest consumer products for restful sleep.

The Well Relax Bundle: Whether you believe in the power of aromatherapy or just like the scent of lavender, the Well’s Relax self-care bundle is an excellent way to wind down at the end of a long day. Staff editor Lara Sorokanich says: “Before I get into bed, I spray this all over my pillows and sheets. It feels so luxurious and relaxing to get into a lavender-scented bed. Clinically backed or not, the smell definitely makes me feel happy as I’m dozing off.”

Oura Ring: While the Oura Ring might not put you into a deep sleep, it can certainly tell you what happens once you get there. Slip this unintrusive smart band onto your finger to track health progress throughout the day and night; it monitors everything from step count to sleep quality. By automatically measuring your sleep balance against your daily activities via the accompanying Oura app, you can be one step closer to determining daytime habits (looking at you, afternoon coffee) that keep you up at night.

The Nue Co. Sleep Drops: Plant-driven supplement brand the Nue Co.’s Sleep Suite includes a tincture, capsules, and a magnesium spray that’s absorbed through the skin and can be taken individually or in tandem to best tackle your level of restlessness. “My approach to a good night’s sleep is to relax and unwind, limiting any screen usage an hour before bed and following the same nightly routine,” says Jules Miller, founder and CEO of the Nue Co. “I use our Magnesium Ease spray on my joints and stomach. Half an hour before bed, I place 12 Sleep Drops under my tongue to help me to fall asleep. I also like to ensure that the room is in complete darkness to minimize any disruption caused by light.”

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