Salter Labs announced the acquisitions of IntuBrite, Parker Medical, and InnoMed Technologies.

“With these acquisitions, Salter offers a wide range of innovative, clinically-preferred airway management products that deliver improved outcomes and delight clinicians. They continue Salter’s tradition of products designed at the bedside to improve patient safety and comfort,” says Greg Pritchard, CEO of Salter Labs, in a release. Salter’s range of airway management technologies for anesthesia and respiratory care now includes:

  • Disposable laryngoscopes with IntuBrite dual-lighting technology that combine white and ultraviolet lights for superior views;
  • Handheld and mounted video laryngoscopes with IntuBrite dual-lighting technology and larger screens for routine and difficult intubations;
  • Endotracheal tubes with Parker Flex-Tip technology that conform to patient anatomy for more reliable first-pass intubation;
  • Double-lumen endo-bronchial tubes with proprietary valve systems for easier one-lung intubation and ventilation;
  • Divided capnography cannulas that provide superior ETCO2 measurement and oxygenation for improved patient safety during moderate-to-deep sedation;
  • Noninvasive ventilation and CPAP masks, such as the Aloha and Nasal Aire II that deliver superior comfort and eliminate the pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown.

As the requirements for reprocessing and storing reusable OR products have become more stringent and difficult intubation rates increase, some hospitals are converting to fully-disposable and video laryngoscopes. “We designed our laryngoscopes with a patented UV/LED lighting technology to deliver superior visualization and a premium feel compared to legacy products in pre-hospital and hospital settings. IntuBrite’s disposable products improve infection control and save costs by eliminating reuse and reprocessing. Our video laryngoscopes utilize the technique and feel of direct endotracheal intubation to ease the transition from standard-lighted laryngoscopes to video. Expanding IntuBrite’s commercial channel is the best way to bring our technology to as many organizations as possible, and Salter’s focused, national sales force convinced me they were the best company to do so,” says Bob Hicks, founder of IntuBrite.

Across 10 randomized studies, Parker endotracheal tubes with Flex-Tip technology were 1.8 times more likely to achieve intubation on the first pass. “Parker’s Flex-Tip endotracheal tubes are designed to improve the ease, speed, accuracy, and safety of intubation by preventing hang-ups on airway anatomy. I’m honored to partner with Salter to advance the state of intubation, worldwide,” says Jeff Parker, MD, JD, founder of Parker Medical.

Shara Hernandez, president of InnoMed Technologies, which makes NIV and CPAP masks, says, “Salter’s strength in respiratory care and long-standing commitment to improving patient satisfaction were the perfect fit for InnoMed’s products. The innovative designs of our masks have been recognized by patients as more comfortable, allowing them to receive and maintain the therapy they need. I’m excited that Salter will help many more patients benefit in hospitals and at home.”