Snoring Isn’t Sexy aids dentists in expanding dental sleep medicine services in their practice by driving consumers to the Snoring Isn’t Sexy website. The new website is populated with the most current studies and news related to sleep apnea and includes interactive health screening quizzes such as STOP-BANG and Epworth Sleepiness Scale that patients can send directly to their closest Snoring Isn’t Sexy dentist.

“As an integral part of Nierman Practice Management’s (NPM) suite of products, services, and solutions, Snoring Isn’t Sexy helps obstructive sleep apnea sufferers find a dentist they can count on to utilize their medical insurance benefits to provide the care and treatment they need,” says Katy Nierman, president of Nierman Practice Management, in a release. “The new Snoring Isn’t Sexy® website is loaded with some of the most helpful information, facts, and statistics about snoring and sleep apnea available and is designed to maximize search engine optimization and make it even easier for potential patients to get what they need and request a consultation with their local Snoring Isn’t Sexy dentist.”

To kick off the new site, NPM is also launching a national Pandora Radio campaign. This is one of the many campaigns NPM will be doing for their Snoring Isn’t Sexy clients. For the next 6 weeks, NPM will be releasing over 650,000 audio + banner ads, the famous Snoring Isn’t Sexy jingle included, targeted to every region where there is a Snoring Isn’t Sexy dentist.