Can you solve this sleep medicine-themed crossword puzzle, designed specifically for Sleep Review readers? A hard copy published in the January 2019 issue.


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1 Book about sleeplessness by Marina Benjamin

6 Many of these birds sleep during the day

9 Ending for expert

11 Laughter noise

12 Ear passage

13 The E in REM

14 Place to spend the night

16 Sleep surgeon, abbr.

17 “The Soldier,” “The Freefall,” and “The Log” are names for different sleep _____

19 Prefix meaning “upon” or “near”

20 Period of history

22 Bad dream

25 Poison

28 Negative vote

29 Where a type I polysomnogram is done

31 Cone bearing tree

34 Estimated healthy adult sleep duration, 2 words

37 Quantities, abbr.

39 Prosecutor, for short

40 Electrode accessory

41 “Hit the __”: go to bed

42 Flight where most people don’t sleep much, 2 words


1 In the early stages

2 Balloon ____ dilation, a minimally  invasive procedure that can clear some types of breathing obstructions

3  Disorder in which breathing stops when asleep, abbr.

4 Biorhythm-regulating hormone

5 Freezing liquid

7 Over-the-counter devices that may help people with insomnia, first word of two (place second word of two in 15 down)

8 Computer network, abbr.

10 Z, plural

15 Over-the-counter devices that may help people with insomnia, second word of two (place first word of two in 7 down)

18 The nose is one

21 Apprehension that can lead to lack of sleep

23 Ductless hormone-secreting gland in the neck

24 Hay fever, for example

26 Deployment __ resources

27 Controls the diameter and size of the pupil

30 Word indicating authorship

32 Doctor of philosophy, abbr.

33 Cheerleading word

35 Cigarette component

36 Understand

38 Boston’s state

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Myles Mellor is a full-time professional crossword puzzle writer who is internationally published.