The research team behind SeroVital-hgh, an oral growth hormone booster, that says it’s been clinically validated to increase mean serum growth hormone levels by 682%, is conducting studies to assess the effects of increased human growth hormone levels and sleep.

“The individuals who use SeroVital-hgh keep telling us over and over again how much better they’ve been sleeping since they started taking SeroVital, so we decided to conduct our own pilot sleep study to investigate the direct effects of SeroVital-hgh on parameters of sleep efficiency,” says Amy Heaton, PhD, director of scientific affairs for SanMedica International, SeroVital’s distributor, in a release.

The preliminary results show that in subjects taking SeroVital prior to bedtime for 20 consecutive days, both time to fall asleep and time awake in the night decreased exponentially. These results make sense because natural human growth hormone levels are known to be highest in the first half of sleep and play an important role in our ability to reach deep stages of slow wave sleep, the stages we’re less able to attain as we age.

SeroVital appears to be an entirely different category of sleep aid because it isn’t a sedative, the company says. Rather, SeroVital-hgh appears to simply assist users in obtaining more restful sleep and awaking more refreshed in the morning. “Although these are preliminary results, they suggest progressively greater sleep efficiency as measured by sleep latency and time awake in the night, and they’re compelling enough that we plan on conducting a larger multi-center study on this topic in the near future,” says Heaton.