Seventy percent of adults indicate they will travel farther than 200 miles to visit family or friends during the holidays. For those taking to the road, lack of sleep may impact the ability to enjoy the season. According to a recent consumer survey by Radisson Hotels & Resorts, Minneapolis, nearly one-third of respondents say lack of privacy was the worst part of staying with relatives, while a quarter say their unhappiness is related to the bed or lack of a bed.

"If you’re already stressed out by the holiday season, loss of sleep makes it all the more difficult to enjoy this time of year," said Peter Goldreich, vice president of Carlson Hotels worldwide marketing. "We
thought it would be fun to ask people where they are sleeping during the holidays and what impacts their ability to get a good night’s sleep while traveling."

The couch and the floor rank as the top two worst places to sleep. The survey also found that a majority of respondents report having trouble falling asleep when they are on the road and many expect to lose one to two hours a sleep each night.