SomnoMed and Sleep HealthCenters recently announced a partnership to create the National Center for Integrated Dental Sleep Health (NCIDSH) program. The program was launched at the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine’s annual meeting and the SLEEP 2012 meeting earlier this month.

The NCIDSH is a national service that will bring together SomnoMed’s dental network and the SleepPartners® network—a national network of accredited sleep health providers—to diagnose and treat patients suffering from sleep disorders, such as sleep-disordered breathing. SomnoMed’s dental network consists of approximately 2,000 qualified dental practices experienced with the SomnoDent apnea therapy. SleepPartners is a national network of nearly 400 sleep medicine centers focused on the comprehensive disease management of sleep disorders.

NCIDSH will provide participating practices and centers with testing, treatment, and compliance protocols that meet American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) guidelines. Additionally, participants in the NCIDSH program gain access to clinical, operational, and administrative support services, along with data analytics and ongoing quality assurance and improvement activities.

"Our partnership with Sleep HealthCenters is strategically important as we build our medical department. This program properly associates dentists, sleep medicine centers, and physicians in a well-defined, physician-driven treatment protocol," said Peter Neustadt, chairman of SomnoMed. "The focus of this program is on evidence-based, quality clinical outcomes."

"We are delighted to be partnering with SomnoMed and their national network of quality dentists," said Paul Valentine, CEO of Sleep HealthCenters. "Sleep HealthCenters is committed to helping these important healthcare providers effectively integrate sleep medicine into their practices to enable clinically validated screening, diagnosis, and treatment services for individuals suffering from sleep disorders."