More than 70% of Americans think the US health system needs fundamental change or complete rebuilding, according to a study conducted by The Commonwealth Fund.

Titled "A Call for Change: The Commonwealth Fund 2011 Survey of Public Views of the U.S. Health System," the study found that nearly nine of 10 think it is important for private and public payors to work together to negotiate prices and improve quality and almost three of every four adults worry about getting high-quality care or paying medical bills.

According to the authors, nearly all adults (85% or more) support policies that would make care better coordinated and would provide more transparent information about health care costs and quality, and there was "strong support for medical homes and a team approach to care, with 93% of people saying it was important or very important to have one place or doctor responsible for primary care and coordinating care and 86% of people supporting doctors and nurses working in teams or groups with an expanded role for nurses."