According to The Huffington Post, a new study finds that the timing of food intake may have a significant effect on sleep patterns.

The study included 52 adults ages 19-45. All were healthy nonsmokers, not obese, free of sleep disorders, and all had what researchers considered to be regular sleep schedules. The study participants had their sleep monitored overnight in a laboratory setting. When not in the sleep lab, participants went about their normal daily lives. They were instructed not to engage in any additional exercise beyond their normal routine. They were also asked to abstain from alcohol and to avoid tea and coffee in the evening. Researchers asked participants not to take naps.

To assess food intake, researchers had participants keep detailed food diaries on 3 non-consecutive days. They were asked to provide as much information as possible about what foods they consumed and when, including portion sizes, timing, and the content of the meals they prepared or purchased.

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