Deseret News: A new study, published in the journal Sleep, looks at the downstream consequences of too little shuteye for children.

While experts have known for years that children do best when they get plenty of sleep, a new study from BYU published in the journal Sleep says too-little sleep contributes to lousy nutrition choices, which in turn plays a role in the obesity epidemic and its subsequent health problems.

Sleep is the No. 1 priority that study author Kara Duraccio believes should be on parents’ minds as they try to ensure a healthy present and future for their kids.

“Sleep literally intersects every aspect of our life — academic achievement, ability to pay attention in class, health. And not just weight-related health, but cognitive health, emotional health, social abilities like forming and maintaining friendships. … Whatever habits you want to develop to improve well-being, sleep is going to help promote the others,” she said

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