Representatives of Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa (PCI) Medical Pavilion and the Eastern Iowa Sleep Center (EISC) solidified an agreement that will result in a modern new space for EISC and convenient continuity of care for eastern Iowans with difficulty sleeping.

“The Eastern Iowa Sleep Center signed a long-term lease to occupy space in our new Medical Pavilion II building, currently under construction,” says Michael Sundall, CEO at PCI, in a release. “PCI’s Neurology and Sleep Medicine clinic will co-locate on the same floor, creating a seamless experience for patients. Not only will patients be able to see their clinician and access all the needed services in one location, but the sleep medicine staff from both entities will enjoy greater ability to cooperate and coordinate treatment.”

EISC, an independent diagnostic testing facility, was created in 2007 as a partnership between PCI, UnityPoint-St. Luke’s Hospital, and Mercy Medical Center. More than 100 in-lab and home sleep apnea test studies per week are conducted by EISC, located in Mercy Medical Center’s 600 7th Street Building.

PCI’s Neurology and Sleep Medicine providers have been major utilizers of EISC, conducting numerous sleep studies and treating patients for obstructive sleep apnea, sleepwalking, insomnia, narcolepsy, nocturnal seizures, restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movements.

When PCI Medical Pavilion II is complete in 2020, EISC’s new modern sleep laboratory will house 12 in-lab patient sleep study rooms, 5 offices for staff, and today’s in-lab and home sleep study technology. “This is a terrific opportunity for EISC to bring sleep medicine care to a new level,” says Lisa Gleason, administrative director of EISC. “Upgraded, ultra-modern features and new technology will provide patients with the excellent care they deserve from both EISC and PCI.”

PCI Medical Pavilion II is expected to be complete in late 2019, with a grand opening early in 2020. The new 100,000-sq-ft medical structure is the second “medical mall” concept spearheaded by PCI. PCI Medical Pavilion I opened in 2013 and brought together specialty healthcare clinics and complementary services under one roof.

“The vision behind PCI Medical Pavilions I and II has always been patient convenience,” Sundall says. “We are diligent in locating new and unique ways to make our patients’ experiences with us as streamlined and coordinated as possible. This new venture with EISC fits perfectly with that vision—and positions Cedar Rapids and the Medical Quarter where we’re located as Iowa’s premiere medical destination.”