Facing a silent epidemic of poor sleep, nearly 40% of Singaporeans struggle with rest, prompting The Air Station and ResMed to launch an initiative aimed at enhancing sleep wellness across the city-state.

Summary: ResMed’s 2024 Sleep Survey reveals that 39% of Singaporeans experience less than three nights of restful sleep weekly, highlighting the detrimental impact of “hustle culture” on well-being. With 46% waking up feeling negative and only 30% enjoying quality sleep, the urgent need for better sleep practices is evident. To address this, The Air Station and ResMed are introducing “Discover Your Sleep Superpowers” roadshow, offering free sleep screenings and consultations to improve sleep quality, aiming for a healthier, more productive Singapore through better sleep awareness and habits.

Key Points:

  • A global survey reveals that 39% of Singaporeans grapple with sleep, impacting health and productivity.
  • The Air Station and ResMed’s upcoming joint initiative, “Discover Your Sleep Superpowers,” aims to empower Singaporeans with free sleep screenings, complimentary sleep consultations with experts, and more to improve their sleep.

Singapore’s reputation as a bustling hub for business and innovation may come at a cost as the city-state is facing a silent epidemic: poor sleep quality, according to ResMed’s 2024 Sleep Survey.

The survey revealed that 39% of Singaporeans reported experiencing fewer than three nights of restful sleep per week. These findings underscore the harmful effects of pervasive “hustle culture” on mental and physical well-being, according to a release from The Air Station, a Singapore-based company focusing on sleep apnea, sleep health, and sleep technologies.

Nearly half (46%) of participants reported waking up with negative feelings, such as tiredness, confusion, anxiety, and headaches. Despite these challenges, there is a collective recognition among Singaporeans of the significance of quality sleep on their health. An overwhelming 91% of the respondents believe good quality sleep is a crucial factor in boosting their productivity, creativity, and physical well-being. Yet, the irony persists as only 30% of the Singapore participants are getting more than good quality sleep five nights a week.

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Recognizing the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation and the increasing desire for improvement, The Air Station and ResMed have come together to promote restful sleep in an upcoming joint initiative. Their shared mission is to promote sleep wellness and empower individuals with better insights and knowledge needed to prioritize sleep and reclaim their nights.

Set to take place in the heart of the Central Business District, the “Discover Your Sleep Superpowers” roadshow is set to unfold from March 26 to 28 March at CIMB Plaza Atrium, Raffles Place. The overarching theme of the roadshow is dedicated to empowering individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their sleep patterns and highlights the profound impact that quality sleep can have on health, productivity, and overall well-being. More than just raising awareness, this initiative aims to foster a collective consciousness regarding sleep wellness and drive a significant transformative shift towards adopting healthier sleep habits within the community, cultivating lasting change for a healthier, more well-rested Singapore.

The roadshow will offer a range of activities crafted to delve into participants’ understanding of their personal sleep habits while emphasizing the significance of quality rest. This is to ensure that every facet of sleep wellness is explored and understood through a more holistic approach, according to a release from The Air Station.

“The goal is not only to raise awareness but also to provide actionable and sustainable steps for the busy Singaporeans to get better and healthier sleep habits in their daily lives,” says Yvonne Loo, country director of The Air Station, in a release. “Whether through implementing relaxation techniques before bedtime, establishing consistent sleep schedules, or optimizing sleep environments, each small step toward better sleep represents a significant stride toward a healthier, happier life.”

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