CNET: A parent describes her experience searching for the perfect night-time baby monitor.

Monitors hold the promise of peace of mind, sending instant motion alerts and constant monitoring of your baby’s sleep pattern and vitals. What you don’t know right away is the fear of your camera being hacked or randomly stopping working — a common problem parents face. 

I looked at dozens of cameras, and none of them were perfect for me as a first-time parent. But the Nanit Pro Camera came pretty close. Since setting it up, I’ve gotten better sleep at night, knowing that my monitor will alert me if my child wakes up or moves around, or if the app loses the camera’s connection. Plus, it celebrates his milestones, like sleeping through the night and his birthday. 

Here are the features that, for me, make the Nanit Pro better than the rest, with the features I wanted, all within my budget. 

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