A new product from Xen Pillow Manufacturing Corporation strives to alleviate chronic neck pain and the poor sleep that results from it. The Xen Pillow 3MC has been designed to relieve neck pain and to help prevent its recurrence. The pillow’s main features are its set of precise pressure points that cradle the head and neck in an optimal position for comfort, the manufacturer states.

The Xen Pillow 3MC provides a features three mini cushions, while keeping the same patented shape as the original Xen Pillow.

The fabric cover of the Xen Pillow 3MC is removable and washable. When in use, the pillow’s fabric wicks moisture and heat away from the sleeper’s head. The proprietary medical molded foam that comprises the interior of the 3MC helps channel air away from the head while keeping its shape throughout the night.

Xen Pillow CEO Marlon Holder knows firsthand the frustration of chronic neck and back pain. A childhood injury set the stage for significant pain to develop at just 35 years old, which motivated him to research and develop therapeutic products that could work for almost anyone. Because most people spend one-third of the day sleeping, pillows became the obvious answer.

Holder encourages people to see their chiropractor or physical therapist as necessary for adjustments and exercises. For these individuals, the Xen Pillow 3MC is the ideal complement to regular therapy. “Chiropractic adjustments have given me relief, but the effect is temporary—the pain returns eventually, often after a night of sleeping ‘wrong,'” he says in a release. “The Xen Pillow 3MC is like having a chiropractor or physical therapist making daily house calls. Keeping the head, neck and back in proper alignment is an ongoing process for those with chronic pain, and this pillow guarantees that a night of sleep will never undo any improvements.”