The SLEEPTRACKER sleep-monitoring watch manufactured by Innovative Sleep Solutions, Atlanta, is nearly as effective in gathering specific sleep data as advanced sleep lab equipment. This according to a recent evaluation study finding the SLEEPTRACKER successfully detects moments of restlessness during sleep 91% of the time compared to lab tests.

“The popularity of SLEEPTRACKER had led many sleep researchers to inquire about its ability to monitor sleep events based on movement,” says Lee Loree, developer of SLEEPTRACKER. “This new evaluation study only furthers what we already knew about the product—that it is effective in measuring the movements associated with a light sleep stage.”

The study was independently conducted by Douglas W. Puryear, MD, FCCP, D. ABSM, director of Sleep Disorders Centers of Pulmonary Associates, Midlothian, Va. The primary purpose of the study was to compare SLEEPTRACKER with advanced sleep laboratory equipment in the proper detection of movement events while sleeping.

“I was extremely interested to test SLEEPTRACKER after hearing about the popularity of the product and how many devices had been sold worldwide,” says Puryear. “After compiling the results of my evaluation study, I can say with confidence that SLEEPTRACKER’s performance in detecting events is excellent, as compared to state-of-the-art sleep laboratory equipment used in my center. This is the only nonmedical device I’ve ever seen that can provide such sleep insight to consumers.”

A total of 18 subjects were used to collect sleep data for 1 night each, during which a battery of measurements was recorded in the lab on each subject. Movements were monitored and recorded by both SLEEPTRACKER and the lab equipment. The sleep data was then summarized to compare event detection between SLEEPTRACKER and the lab equipment.