Pro-Tech® Services Inc, Mukilteo, Wash, the leading manufacturer of sleep diagnostic sensors, recently released the SleepEx® SV™, sleep center management software. SleepEx SV is enhanced with additional key features to meet the needs of discerning sleep lab managers and physicians.

According to the company, SleepEx SV improves the efficiency of your business by providing you remote access at anytime to manage your lab. Key features of this software include: online access to patient and staff scheduling for one or more locations, centralizing your patient and staff database, and secure data transfer of studies to be scored, interpreted, and safely archived. 

“We specifically designed SleepEx SV to meet the data management needs of the sleep lab and help support their ability to turn-around study results in a timely manner,” said Jim Johnson, president of Pro-Tech Services Inc.

SleepEx SV also offers physician over-read management capabilities, core management reports, secure study storage and archiving, and an optional DME module with digital signature. Visit www.pro-tech.com for more information.