Earthwonderful says its new sleep pads support the natural recovery process during sleep. A study showed it is possible for biologically active substances to enter the human body, through aspiration and permeation, and have a positive therapeutic effect on the body’s natural healing process during the hours of sleep.1

Earthwonderful says it took advantage of this gentle delivery method and developed sleep pads—finely tuned dosages of a proprietary mixture of natural ingredients embedded within a soft plush pad. Consumers can enjoy the benefits Earthwonderful provides by placing a pad underneath the sheet. Each pad weighs less than a pound.

The company has developed three different sleep pads: Therapeutic Peat, Swiss Stone Pine, and Lavender.

1. Lukanov J, Lüttig G, Sagorchev A. TELMA – magazine of The German Peat Society (DGMT): Über die Rolle von Torffasern als biologisch wirksames Agens in der Schlaftherapie
(On the role of peat-fibers as biological agent in hypnotherapy)