SleepScore Labs is a joint venture between surgeon and television host Mehmet Oz, MD; ResMed, medical device manufacturer and digital connected care service provider; and private equity firm Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., which invests in companies focused on sustainability and wellness.

The new venture combines ResMed’s 28 years of leadership, research, and development in consumer and medical devices and technologies for sleep monitoring, coaching, and patient engagement with Dr. Oz’s consumer health and wellness audience to create a pivotal player in the consumer sleep market.

SleepScore Labs’ initial focus is to compile and analyze the most comprehensive and accurate collection of consumer sleep data on the planet, starting with its landmark national sleep study on During a panel discussion, “Confronting the Sleep Epidemic Head-On” at the CES Digital Health Summit, Dr. Oz and ResMed shared insights from more than 1 million nights of sleep data collected to determine America’s SleepScore.

Dr. Oz, a long-time advocate for the importance of sleep in health and wellness, says he was compelled by ResMed’s proven sleep monitoring technology for consumers, the S+ by ResMed, and by the company’s commitment to helping people better understand their sleep so they can lead more productive, healthier, and happier lives. The S+ uses bio-motion sensors to measure an individual’s sleep quality and bedroom environment, delivering personalized feedback to help people track and improve their sleep.

“I’ve learned in my time as a public health teacher, advocate, television host, and physician that the current standard of sleep quality in America is drastically unacceptable,”says Oz in a press release. “We pay so much attention, especially at this time of year, to making resolutions about diet and exercise. It’s high time we pay more attention to sleep.”

“The statistics on sleep disorders are staggering,” Oz continues. “More than 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. Drowsy driving is responsible for thousands of fatal crashes a year. The list goes on and on. ResMed has the technology to help us measure, understand, and educate people who are struggling with sleep. We know if people have the right tools, they will be able to improve their sleep and overall health. I believe in the importance of this so much and am excited about this new venture and partnering with ResMed to solve the epidemic of sleeplessness.”

Mick Farrell, ResMed CEO, says, “When ResMed launched the S+ for consumer sleep monitoring, and made 100% of our sleep devices cloud connected, we led the market in the development of connected health tools. We introduced a new phase of sleep research and sleep understanding that helps improve the health of millions of patients as well as business efficiency for their healthcare providers. Our conversations with Dr. Oz have confirmed the strong alignment between our mission and his vision. With SleepScore Labs, we have an opportunity to educate and inspire millions more to improve their sleep.”

SleepScore Labs will also license SleepScore by ResMed  technology for other consumer sleep devices, to upgrade their tracking capabilities and improve their products. The new venture has already signed R&D contracts with several global leaders, including LED company Lighting Science Group, which plans to leverage SleepScore technology to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of its GoodNight LED pre-sleep bulb.

“Diet, exercise, and sleep are the pillars of our health,” says Colin Lawlor, CEO SleepScore Labs. “For decades, people have measured their diet and exercise—whether by counting calories or counting the number of steps they take each day. In recent years, we’ve seen a lot more public focus on the importance of sleep, but there hasn’t been a widely available, clinically proven standard for measuring sleep. That’s about to change. SleepScore will be the established standard for how we measure and talk about sleep, and SleepScore by ResMed is the proven technology to enable and drive the conversation.”

Oz’s role at SleepScore Labs will include:

  • SleepScore Labs, brand ambassador and liaison to patients
  • Board member and adviser, bringing his insight to future products and programs
  • Co-owner, making an equity investment in SleepScore Labs

Colin Lawlor is CEO of SleepScore Labs. Previously, Lawlor was ResMed’s vice president of consumer programs, where he spearheaded the team that developed the S+ and brought it to market.

ResMed is an equity partner. The company is licensing the SleepScore by ResMed technology to SleepScore Labs to develop and extend into additional products and relationships.

Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P. is an equity partner. The company brings expertise and experience in developing and scaling business ventures, along with an influential network of global leaders in the health and wellness arena.

SleepScore Labs will be based in Carlsbad, Calif.