A 12-week study of LUNESTA 2 mg showed elderly patients taking the drug experienced significant improvements in measures of daytime function.

Participants in the study completed an electronic diary at the end of each day to capture measures of daytime ability to function and the duration and number of naps per day.

Following the discontinuation of LUNESTA, sleep latency, wake time after sleep onset, and total sleep time were all improved compared to baseline measures, indicating an absence of rebound insomnia. Additionally, study participants did not experience withdrawal symptoms after discontinuation of LUNESTA

Study participants comprised 388 elderly patients 65 to 85 years of age. Patients received LUNESTA or a placebo each night of the 12-week study. This was followed by 2 weeks of all patients receiving placebo each night to assess rebound and withdrawal. The final 2 weeks of the study evaluated the durability of the response—during this time, study participants received neither placebo nor LUNESTA.