Evotec AG, Hamburg, Germany, will present the positive Phase II clinical results for the company’s insomnia drug, EVT 201, at worldsleep07 in Cairns, Australia on September 5, according to a company press release.

The presentation will be given by John Kemp, MD, PhD, chief research and development officer, and Tim Tasker, MD, PhD, executive vice president of clinical development.

EVT 201 is a partial positive allosteric modulator (pPAM) of the GABAA receptor complex.  Acting on GABAA receptors, it addresses the gold standard mechanism for insomnia with more than 90% of current insomnia drugs using this mechanism. Importantly, however, its half life of 3 to 4 hours and its partial agonist activity gives EVT 201 a differentiated preclinical profile and mechanism of action.

The company anticipates the results from a second Phase II study in 135 elderly insomniacs to be available in October 2007.

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