Inc, a California company that does work in the meditation space, has expanded its platform to include a new feature called “Sleep Stories”—bedtime stories specifically designed for adults. The tales mix music, sound effects, and soothing voices to help people drift off to sleep naturally. For a limited time, will be free to users exclusively on the Calm app.

“Improving sleep has consistently been one of the reasons people have told us they use Calm, so it made sense to us to develop a feature specifically designed to help folks find a better night’s rest naturally,” says co-founder Michael Acton Smith, in a release.

Each Sleep Story is about 30 minutes in length and contains original content created by the Calm team, as well as several classic tales by well-known authors. They’re read in a very soothing tone and carefully designed to ease and lull the mind—just as bedtime stories do the same for children. In fact, there is a version for children as well.

“We want to make bedtime a calm and relaxing time of the day for everyone,” says co-founder Alex Tew. “When you’re a child, you have much less on your mind and sleep comes easily. Sleep Stories are meant to take you back to a simpler mental state and let your brain relax and prepare for a deep rest, just as it did when you were young. There’s no reason we can’t all have a good night’s sleep….without medication.”