The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has released a free, online sleep disorders resource guide for primary care physicians and professionals. 

The sleep disorders guide serves as a practical introduction to sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disruption, parasomnia, sleep-related movement disorders, and more, according to the NSF. 

The guide can be accessed on portable devices such as iPad and E-book readers, and allows physicians or caregivers to reference it anywhere, including clinical settings. 

“Finding sufficient time for sleep care education within formal medical school and other health care training programs has remained an elusive goal for decades,” said David Cloud, CEO of the NSF. “To address this challenge, the National Sleep Foundation is proud to make this Sleep Disorders resource accessible through a free and easy-to-navigate web resource. We developed this resource specifically for the non-specialist who needed a free, fast, and convenient tool.”

The guide is an updated web version of The Sleep Disorders (1977), written by the late Peter Hauri, PhD. Hauri was a psychologist and the former director of the Mayo Sleep Disorders Center, according to the NSF. The book has long served as a sleep care primer for generations of non-sleep medicine physicians and technologists, the NSF said. 

The guide, which is designed for primary care physicians and professionals, is also open to the general public. It can be accessed on the NSF’s website.