The upcoming book Killer in Your Bedroom by Adrian Zacher is available now for presale. Zacher, who is CEO and co-founder of the British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services, aims to help people who snore (and their bed partners) sleep peacefully and wake up rested, ready for the new day.

Zacher contends that help is currently obscured by sales of gadgets and potions that don’t work and well-meaning but ultimately self-defeating bureaucracy.

The book has a “choose your own ending” structure to address different reader needs.

Zacher includes what he considers to be the top 3 “sleep killers.” The book also discusses symptoms of sleep apnea.

Other topics include:

  • ·  How to stop snoring—treatment options explained
  • ·  How to spot the BS “quick fix” gadgets
  • ·  What to do if the reader is more worried about losing your job (because they think they may have sleep apnea)

Zacher advises potential readers that if you (or your partner) snore then read this and consult a sleep-trained healthcare professional. This book is not a substitute for their medical advice.

Killer in Your Bedroom will be released on Sept 12.