Wesper, an FDA-cleared wireless home sleep lab, announced a $9.6 million investment that the company plans to use to accelerate growth and revenue as well as continue to develop diagnostic sensing technology. The funding included participation from Valor Equity Partners, Breyer Capital, Spark Capital, as well as angel investors from leading health-tech firms.

Wesper’s wireless biometric sensors and algorithms enable at-home medical diagnosis with professional services and ongoing measurement before, during, and after treatment. With Wesper, users have access to customized, professional guidance from sleep specialists and physicians without having to leave their homes.

“Wesper is at the forefront of revolutionizing the sleep industry through superior access to biometric data and an increased focus on patient experience, working to ensure that every patient who suffers from sleep problems gets the care they deserve,” says Amir Reuveny, founder and CEO of Wesper, in a statement.

With this new funding round, Wesper will build partnerships with sleep centers, dental clinics and coaches to bring Wesper to patients across the US. Through FDA clearance for assistance with HSAT (home sleep apnea testing), clinics can use Wesper’s superior algorithms, biometric data, and unparalleled patient experience to help more patients.

The company has on-boarded key medical institutions and is set to expand its presence in the sleep clinic space. This includes expanding its medical advisor network and forging strategic partnerships with key players such as hospitals, sleep labs, and insurance providers.

“Improving your sleep used to be a very lonely and complicated process, and we are here to change that,” says Chelsie Rohrscheib, PhD, the head sleep expert at Wesper, in a statement. “We are committed to our users every step of the way to getting high-quality sleep.”