ResMed Corp, San Diego, recently released its new Pixi nasal mask, a pediatric mask developed specifically for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children aged 2 and older. According to the company, the Pixi is not a scaled down version of an adult mask, but rather a new design.

The Pixi is the third child-friendly option in the ResMed product line. The company also offers the Mirage Kidsta and the Mirage Micro for Kids, a child-friendly version of the adult Mirage Micro nasal mask.

Made of Breathe-O-Prene material, the Pixi sits away from the child’s eyes and ears to reduce irritation and obstruction.

The Pixi includes three points of adjustment straps—at the top, side, and bottom. Designed to cater to a wider range of children, the adjustment locations are also intended to help caregivers more easily adjust the headgear while facing the child. The mask also features two tubing positions that accommodate different sleeping positions, as well as a stretchable spring-flex lightweight tube for active sleepers.

ResMed is currently offering a parent guide containing tips and recommendations on CPAP treatment, as well as a coloring book for children featuring ResMed’s Pixi mascot.