Patient Handbook Unravels Mysteries of Sleep Apnea; A Complete Guide to Starting a Sleep Center

d09a.jpg (10904 bytes)Patient Handbook Unravels Mysteries of Sleep Apnea
Created by sleep disorder specialists and a patient with the disorder, Sleep Apnea—The Phantom of the Night is a medical guide and self-help book in one. The 336-page, illustrated paperback provides explanations of sleep apnea, current treatments, and ways to recognize the disorder, obtain a diagnosis, get treatment, and overcome social, physical, or emotional obstacles to recovery. Originally published in 1992 as Phantom of the Night, the 2003 edition is enlarged and revised in line with current research findings and medical practices.

The introduction and chapters 1-3 give an overview of sleep disorders, the possible dangers of untreated symptoms, and how to find help. Chapters 4-5 provide an explanation of what happens during an overnight sleep study. Chapters 6-7 describe treatment methods. Chapters 8-10 examine how to choose the best treatment with reviews and evaluations of CPAP, bilevel, and intelligent (auto) positive pressure treatment devices; surgery; and oral appliances. Chapter 11 answers frequently asked questions and includes a new CPAP troubleshooting guide. Chapter 12 describes sleep problems in children and adolescents. Chapter 13 details scientific advances and public health issues. The book also includes a quiz to help readers decide if they suffer from sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea—The Phantom of the Night is by T. Scott Johnson, MD, who has been the medical director of several accredited sleep laboratories; William A. Broughton, MD, medical director of the accredited University of Alabama Knollwood Sleep Disorders Center; Gail Demko, a dentist who specializes in oral appliance therapy for apnea; and Jerry Halberstadt, who has sleep apnea; with forewords by Colin E. Sullivan, MD, a developer of CPAP therapy; William Dement, MD, pioneering leader in sleep medicine; and Carl E. Hunt, MD, director, National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, National Institutes of Health.

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d09b.jpg (9169 bytes)A Complete Guide to Starting a Sleep Center
How to Start a Sleep Lab or Center covers virtually every aspect of a sleep facility start-up, from site planning and physical plant considerations to cost structures and contract negotiations, quality assurance, and accreditation. The first quarter of the manual addresses the physical facility by providing information on choosing the type of facility (freestanding vs hospital-based), considerations needed for site planning (room sizes), and determining the type of equipment and supplies needed. The middle half of the manual focuses on business-related topics, such as cost structures, market analysis, marketing, and financial pro forma and business plans. The manual then devotes four chapters to personnel training and technical and personnel policies to assist with job definition, staff hiring/management, and compliance. The text rounds out with information on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, quality assurance, and accreditation. Fifty pages of appendices provide information on equipment/supply providers, helpful Web sites, sample contracts, job descriptions, and a list of sleep schools/programs.

The timeline at the beginning of the manual outlines aspect of the start-up process, including when to determine your site location, when to begin advertising for staff, when to apply for a Medicare number, and when to begin setting up a patient wait list.

How to Start a Sleep Lab or Center is by Michael J. Breus, PhD, Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, clinical director of four Atlanta-area sleep facilities, the sleep expert for WebMD, and the instructor of a business practices course as a faculty member at the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology. Breus is also the president and cofounder of the Sleep Center Management Institute (SCMI), an educational and consultative entity dedicated to assisting sleep professionals in the daily operation and management of their sleep diagnostic facilities.

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